With development of the internet, a gowing number of people starts to purchase jewelry online. How to find the correct size to avoid after-sales issues became the concern for both the customers and the jewellers.


There are different standards of ring size measurement in different countries, our default standard is the US size:

International ring size chart


How to Find Your Size

In fact there's a very simple way to measure your own size at home, all you need is just a piece of paper and a ruler.

  • 1. Cut out a thin strip of paper that's about the same width as the ring band of the ring you're looking to purchase. Make it about 4-6 inches in length.

How to measure your ring size

  • 2. Wrap that piece of paper around the widest part of you finger, usually the knuckle. Make sure the paper is not too tight or too loose.
How to measure your ring size
  • 3. Mark where that paper overlaps or cut the excess.

how to find your ring size

  • 4. Measure the paper and use the "International Ring Size Chart" above to find your ring size.